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With the lack of in-person venues, including the WGI Championships in April, Just-A-Note is looking forward to the fall marching season in 2021. In the meantime, WE NEED YOU to help....by SHOPPING HERE! Please, "like" our Facebook page, send the link to this website to your friends, and spread the word. We want to be around to bring more smiles to all of you again. In the meantime, stay safe and stay healthy! Until next season, we are here to take care of your gift orders, group orders, or fundraising requests!

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You may have seen us at one of the many WGI, BOA, or DCI shows we have done over the last 27 years, or maybe your friends have told you about our merchandise. We hope you can find what you want here, but if not, please e-mail us so we can listen to your suggestions, or tell you where to go (to get your stuff, that is!).

We sell one item at a time to the public, or......are you interested in buying products at wholesale prices so you can sell them at a profit? We manufacture just about everything we sell, so you can get the best prices possible. Just e-mail us for details regarding minimum quantities to qualify for wholesale prices.

Customize products for your own organization. Just-A-Note.com can add your name to certain items, or we can create something with your logo on it!

So take a good look at all we have, make your choices, and be assured that your purchases will be shipped promptly, and that everything you buy comes with a full warranty. We look forward to helping you in any way possible, and hope that if you have any ideas, you will contact us and share. Thanks for your support over the past years. Now just don't sit there...BUY SOMETHING!

 Please note that we don't advertise free shipping because there is no such thing...we're just honest enough to not add it into our prices and try to fool you!!! Our shipping charge is exactly what we pay the USPS. HOWEVER, we will refund standard shipping charges for orders over $50.

*** Many of the items shown are original designs and under copyright protection. Just-A-Note will vigorously protect any of its' products against copyright infringement.

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